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Our Top Picks – Best 10 Designer Handbags 2021

A designer handbag is the ideal way to add luxury and timeless style to any outfit choice.
Whether you love a designer functional tote for the office, or covet a designer clutch to stand out on a night out, here are the best designer handbags for 2021.

1. Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Honey Med Tote Top-Handle Bag

Ideal Stylish and Functional Tote Design

Dimensions: 40 x 14 x 27cm | Colour: Black | Material: Faux Leather | Bag Style: Tote
  • Top handle or strap
  • Studded base
  • Lots of interior compartments

This stylish and functional tote bag from Tommy Hilfiger is the perfect accessory for the office, and features a handy top handle as well as a comfortable strap too.

The studded base helps to protect the bottom of the bag, and there are plenty of interior compartments to keep all your items safe on the go.

2. Michael Kors Women’s Jet Set Item Crossbody Bag

Perfect Travel Bag Choice

Dimensions: 22.86 x 10.16 x 2.54 cm | Colour: Blush Pink | Material: Leather | Bag Style: Crossbody
  • Small crossbody bag ideal for travel
  • Pretty blush colour
  • Michael Kors metal logo

This pretty and petite Michael Kors bag comes in a crossbody style that makes it ideal for keeping all your important documents and items close when travelling.

The pretty blush pink colour adds a feminine touch to any outfit and the Michael Kors logo is clearly displayed on the front.

3. Valentino by Mario Valentino Women’s Divina POCHETTE

Ideal Night Out Bag Companion

Dimensions: 17 x 4 x 11.5 cm | Colour: Gold | Material: Leather-Synthetic/PU | Bag Style: Shoulder Bag
  • Dazzling gold design
  • Secure snap closure
  • Comfortable shoulder bag chain strap

This shoulder bag from Valentino is the ideal night out companion, with its dazzling gold design and the famous Valentine ‘V’ on the front.

Its secure snap closure will keep all your valuables safe and the chain strap is comfortable to wear all night.

4. Kate Spade New York Women’s Margaux Medium Convertible Crossbody Bag

Great 2-in-1 Clutch and Crossbody Bag Choice

Dimensions: 30.48 x 19.3 x 8.64 cm | Colour: Pastel Purple | Material: N/A | Bag Style: Crossbody / Clutch
  • 2-in-1 bag functionality
  • Effortless NYC style
  • Secure zipper closure

This fun and functional bag has the 2-in-1 option to be both a crossbody bag or just a simple clutch by just unclipping the strap.

Available in a range of pastel colours, including dusky purple, this bag offers plenty of NYC style as you would expect from designer Kate Spade. This bag also features a secure zipper closure too.

5. Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Poppy Tote

All American Everyday Style Tote Bag

Dimensions: 47 x 14 x 32cm | Colour: Black | Material: Nylon, Polyurethane| Bag Style: Tote
  • Zipped closure
  • Easy clean nylon exterior
  • Plenty of inside space

This Tommy Hilfiger tote has bags of all American everyday style, with plenty of room inside for all your essentials as well as a securely zipped pouch too for valuables.

The nylon exterior is easy to wipe clean and comes with the famous Hilfiger logo on the front.

6. Dolce & Gabbana Women’s Sicily Handbag

Retro Meets Modern Leopard Print Handbag

Dimensions: 21cm x 27cm x 11cm | Colour: Leopard Print | Material: Polyester, Leather | Bag Style: Shoulder Bag
  • Adjustable strap
  • Secure magnetic closure
  • Unmistakable Italian design

This Dolce & Gabbana handbag is the epitome of when retro meets modern, combing high-quality fabrics with a vintage leopard print style.

Featuring an easy to adjust strap and secure magnetic closure, this handbag is made in Italy and is engraved with the designer’s logo.

7. Tommy Hilfiger Women’s TH CORE MED Satchel

Chic and Versatile Satchel Style

Dimensions: 28 x 12.5 x 20 cm | Colour: Black | Material: Synthetic | Bag Style: Satchel
  • Top handle and strap options
  • Secure zipper closure
  • Eye-catching logo and red handle

This chic and versatile satchel handbag comes with both a top handle and strap option, along with secure zipper closure to keep everything inside safe on the go.

This handbag also features an eye-catching red handle, unmistakably Hilfiger, as well as the famous logo too.

8. Women’s Ralph Lauren Hobo Bag

High Quality 100% Leather Relaxed Style Bag

Dimensions: 4.54g | Colour: Brown | Material: Leather | Bag Style: Crossbody
  • Inside pockets and mobile phone pouch
  • 100% leather
  • Leather and gold tassel details

This high-quality bag from Ralph Lauren combines high quality 100% real leather material with a relaxed and boho-chic style.

Featuring inside pockets and a mobile phone pouch, this handbag also features cross-stitching and gold and leather tassel details too.

9. Mulberry Kite Leather Croc Embossed Handbag

Stylish Handbag with Removable Inside Pouch

Dimensions: 32 x 36 x 24.5cm | Colour: Brown | Material: Suede, Leather | Bag Style: Shoulder Bag
  • Detachable pouch
  • Secure hook closure
  • Internal zip pocket

This handbag from top luxury brand Mulberry features a sophisticated croc-embossed shoulder bag style along with a handy detachable pouch too.

The secure hook closure means this bag still has plenty of space and also has an internal zip pocket to keep all items secure.

10. Ted Baker Women’s Bow Icon Handbag

A Chic Shopping Tote Alternative

Dimensions: 30 x 45 x 12cm | Colour: Grey | Material: Polyurethane | Bag Style: Tote
  • Famous bow icon
  • Wide capacity
  • Twin handles

This Ted Baker bag makes a chic and cute shopping tote alternative and comes in a sleek grey colour with the famous Ted Baker bow on the front.

Wide enough to fit all your items with ease, this bag also has twin handles for easier carrying too.

The Top Trends In Designer Womens Handbags

Top Trends In Designer Handbags:

1. Sling

One of the biggest trends that designers are opting for would be sling bags.

The sling bag might have been used primarily for travelling in the past, it is now being pushed by various brands and designers as a day-to-day bag.

There are now more stylish designer sling bags for sale in various materials including leather, canvas, and more.

2. Essentials Bag

There are a lot of designers pushing smaller bags than ever before.

These bags are typically referred to as the “itsy-bitsy” bags.

These bags are designed to be stylish yet are not practical for carrying around alone unless you are going somewhere you only need your essentials.

They are designed to be large enough to only hold your essentials like your credit cards and your car keys.

3. Natural Materials

Another major trend in the designer industry is a shift towards using much more sustainable materials than ever before.

A lot of designers are pushing more sustainable materials and designs including the use of bamboo, straw, and other natural materials that are much more sustainable.

These bags are being made in a variety of styles.

4. Different Shapes

Another major trend in the designer industry is the production of bags that are being made in different shapes.

A lot of designers are pushing the boundaries as to what bags are supposed to look like.

Therefore, you can find a lot of brands being manufactured in different shapes that you wouldn’t necessarily expect.

5. Prints

You will find a lot of bags being manufactured by brands in different prints, as well.

There are so many different prints being used in bag design ranging from animal prints to others. This is a big one that typically changes from year to year.

6. Colours

A lot of brands are also pushing the boundaries in terms of the colours they are using.

If you are looking to brighten your wardrobe, there has never been a better time to do so. You will be able to take advantage of the different colours that brands are using in their designer handbags.

Best Designer Handbags Ireland 2021

1. Websites/Blogs

This is perhaps the easiest and best way to keep up with the latest trends happening within the industry. By continually visiting different fashion blogs and websites, you should be able to learn more about some of the emerging trends and get a good feel for what is coming out.

By checking out these websites on a regular basis, you will have a much easier time being able to stay ahead of the trends happening within the handbag industry. In particular, you should be paying close attention to these websites and blogs during fashion week.

2. YouTube Influencers

Another easy way to stay up-to-date on the latest and emerging trends is by sticking onto an influencer. Typically, you will find those that are influencers pushing the latest trends. This can be a good way to stay on top of things without having to do the research yourself. A lot of the influencers you will find not only on YouTube but also on Instagram will showcase the brand new designs and trends that are happening within the fashion industry.

3. Celebrities

Another good option to consider would be to pay attention to what your favourite celebrities are wearing.

By knowing what your celebrities are into and by checking to see what kind of fashion they are pushing, you should be able to stay up-to-date on the latest trends occurring within the designer women’s handbag industry.

4. Brands

You can always sign up for emails from the designers you are interested in. This will give you email updates from their newsletter showcasing the latest releases.

Also, you can always look at their latest look-books which typically showcase the latest releases that they have. This will give you the information directly from the source.

Some of the biggest brands in the industry are always a good option when you are looking for the heartbeat of the latest trends. After all, they dictate the trends themselves.

Overall, there are plenty of different ways you can figure out the emerging trends occurring within the industry.

By staying up-to-date on the latest trends, you can showcase some of the latest trends and designs from the best brands yourself.